At some time during our lives, death will touch and affect us all. It will come to a family member or close friend and may cause much grief. It may change our lives in many ways. Some understanding of death can help us prepare for its eventuality. This includes having basic knowledge of what to do when someone dies.

A funeral service is an important part of death and grief, it allows family and friends to come together to recognize their loss and celebrate the life of the loved one who has died.

Many families realize the importance of discussing their wishes and, like making a Will, they make their funeral arrangements, they “Pre-Arrange” their funeral.  This is where you provide your funeral wishes and family details to F. Greed & Sons to be filed.

Pre-Arranging can be done in three different ways; by appointment with one of F. Greed & Sons staff where we can attend to your arrangements personally, or filing out our pre-arrange book in the privacy of your home and delivering it for filing and/or filling out the details on the webpage ‘information required’ and submitting it to F. Greed & Sons.

Pre-arranging is free of charge, it is practical and gives you peace of mind knowing you have put things in place for when you cannot be there to help.

Importance of a Viewing

Coping With Grief

Writing a Eulogy

Coffins & Caskets

What our clients say…

”Thank you so much for all you did to help us through the terribly difficult time when we lost Dad.  All you did personally is appreciated so much, and your support, care and guidance was incredible.”

kind regards
Anne and Families