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Funeral tributes are a great way to share memories of your loved one with family and friends.

We can arrange audio visual displays incorporating photos and music to be prepared according to your wishes and played at the appropriate time during the funeral service.  F. Greed & Sons utilise a professional software program to create high-end, quality audio-visual displays.


Ideally 15 to 25 photos, to be supplied via one or a combination of the below methods: 

1. Hard copy photos, that we can scan

2. On a memory stick or CD saved as .JPEG format 

3. Emailed to, emailing two to three photos at a time.

Please supply – quality photo prints, any size, removed from frames, numbered on back in sequence order, digital photos to be saved as the number to appear.  A main photo for the start and finish of display.



The music will be timed precisely to the photos as one file for viewing.  A piece of music, three minutes in length with 25 photos will approximately display each photograph for 5 to 9 seconds.

The music can be supplied as

 1. CD with the track clearly marked

 2. In MP3 sound format or MPEG 4 Format Audio

3. If you know the song and artist, we can endeavour to source the song via iTUNES ($5 per song).



Text can also be added to photos.  Captions need of a length to fit the photo and the screen.  When providing the caption, please reference the photo number.  E.g. Photo 2 – Mum’s 80th Birthday.



The scanning of 15 to 25 photos, incorporating the music track, creating the presentation, burning and labelling a DVD, setting up display on the day, use of projector and screen, staff to operate display and eight captions. 

Visual Display allow for following

         – Scanning 15 – 25 Photos

         – Incorporating the music track

         – Creating the presentation

         – Providing a USB copy

         – Setting up and display on the day

         – Use of our projector and screen

         – Staff to operate the display

         – 8 Captions

For additional photos, music, captions, or copies of USB an additional charge will apply.



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